Other bonuses while betting

bonuses while betting

You will often come across other types of odds bonus when you sign up with a welcome bonus. This is basically because bookmakers do not want you to disappear to the competitor when you sign up with the start bonus and have enjoyed it.

The best bookmakers have a promotions section where you can find existing bonuses. Often you can also see current offers directly on the same page, where you can find all bets on bets at the bookmaker. Please consider playing with a bookmaker who runs boosted odds from time to time. This concept is also called increased odds and it means that they boost the odds by a certain percentage, which can make them more advantageous to bet on. However, in any case, do not be tempted without analyzing the bet. The boosted odds are only interesting if you analyze yourself until they are smart odds to bet on.

While a loyalty program is mostly associated with online casinos, there are also bookmakers who have a VIP program. This applies especially when it comes to a bookmaker that has both an online casino and betting. You can advantageously choose to sign up with a welcome bonus at a bookmaker, which gives you some form of points for playing on their site. The points can typically be converted into cash or other prizes. In addition to cash bonuses, the loyalty programs typically also offer other benefits such as exclusive competitions, tournaments, events, etc. On several sites you can even get a personal manager, and then it almost feels like being in an exclusive land-based gambling hall, just with the comfortable element to be able to play wherever suits you.

Focus on one bonus at a time

one bonus at a time

Many gambling sites do not allow you to combine bonuses. This means that you can “only” have one bonus at a time. Here we have put it in a nutshell, as it should often be enough to have one bonus at a time.

In any case, we recommend that you focus on one bonus at a time. Firstly, you avoid the risk of losing your bonus if you mistakenly accept another, thus losing your first bonus. In addition, there may be different bonus conditions, and perhaps you may be confused about which odds or types of bets to play.

The conclusion is that with everything in life it may be best to focus on one thing at a time. It is better that you have control over the bonus conditions of your first bonus, such as your sign-up bonus, rather than several different bonuses. You can read about the bonus for new members in the next section, where we review various welcome bonuses for new members.

Compare odds at different bookmakers

different bookmakers

It is obviously smartest to play at the best odds when you enjoy a welcome bonus. Many times it does not make sense to simply bet on odds to use your bonus. This means that it is still important that you compare odds at different bookmakers so that you can maximize your winnings.

Take, for example, if you have a bonus that has odds of 1.50 on Real Madrid winning the Spanish La Liga. Perhaps you look at the odds at another bookmaker and find that the Spanish capital club stands at odds of 1.70 at another bookmaker. Therefore, it might make more sense to create an account with the other bookmaker and place money on that bet. Your focus should always be on maximizing any gains.

However, you must of course also play responsibly. If, for example, you find it difficult to keep track of bonuses at several different bookmakers at the same time, it may still be a good idea to go with the “low” odds in this hypothetical scenario. You can of course also consider betting on another bet.

Remember that there are internet sites where you can see a comparison of odds on the biggest sporting events. It allows you to save time and energy so that you do not have to navigate between several different bookmakers. However, the best bookmakers have excellent search functions, and therefore it shouldn’t take too long to compare odds the “old-fashioned” way.

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