The Two Methods of Registering for a Sportsbook

Registering for a Sportsbook

Creating your 20Bet Login details for your bet account can be done easily; all you have to do is click the register icon and follow the steps. As of today, there is not much stress when it comes to registering for an online sportsbook. 

These platforms made easy registration one of their biggest priorities. For this reason, bettors will always choose them over traditional sportsbooks. There are now two ways to sign up for an online sportsbook, either through the mobile app or the official website. 

Registration via The Mobile Site

Because most gamblers prefer using the website, signing up for a sportsbook via the mobile site is the most popular option. Joining is very easy, all you just have to do is follow the steps.

 Visit the Official Mobile Site

On your device, log in to the official website and ensure it is the correct one you intend to join, as there are many fakes out there. You can tell a fake from its homepage through its design and features.

Click on the Register Icon on the Site 

Click on the Register Icon

Click on the sign-up button and specify the type of account you want to create, and in this case a sportsbook account. Many gambling platforms offer different forms of betting, so always select the one you are interested in. 

Fill Out the Registration Form

The registration form only requests information like your email address, country, password, and private information like your name and address. Also, these details must be filled in correctly because they will be stored in the sportsbook. After filling out the form, you then make sure you read the terms and conditions before accepting. 

Activate Your Account

The final step is to activate your account by verifying your email address. Once your email is confirmed you can then start betting. Subsequently, you would be required to provide proof of identification to activate certain features in your account. 

Registration via The Mobile App

Mobile App

Not all bookmakers allow registration via their mobile app, some just allow only login. Others may direct you to the website back again to process the registration. However, to register you would first need to get the app. 

Visit the Website to get the Official App

The safest way to get these sportsbook mobile apps is to download them from the official website. Many do not post their apps to Google Play or Apple App Store to prevent you from downloading the wrong app. So, once you have downloaded the app, the next step is to install it. 

Install and Sign Up

Once the app is installed on your device, from the homepage you can click on the create account icon to sign up or click the log-in icon if you already have an account. The same steps taken while creating an account on the mobile site also apply to the mobile app. Therefore, you just have to fill in your details on the form and activate your account.

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