Digitalisation of Traditional Games

Traditional Games

Traditional game players may assume that they do not require a digital evolution. This was clearly the case among many poker lovers prior to the advent of internet poker. These Poker adherents who were used to playing in person concluded that the game couldn’t be accurately represented in an online format, they were shocked when poker was finally adapted for online gaming, you can check online poker at Bizzo Casino.

Besides poker and bingo, there are several other games that have survived digitalization. For example, many well-known board games, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and Risk, have all received online updates.

We will mention some of these traditional games that have evolved at online casinos in this piece.



Keno is very popular  at land-based casinos, but in recent years, the trend is shifting as it is rapidly gaining popularity in internet casinos. According to a Chinese folktale, the game’s popularity aided in the funding of the Great Wall of China’s construction.

The rules of Keno are quite simple. A player places a bet by selecting numbers between 1 and 80. Then, 20 random numbers are chosen using a device equipped with a random number generator. The house edge can range between 4% and 35% depending on the casino you visit.


This game blends bingo and slots into one, offering a novel approach to a casino game. When it was first developed in 1994, it has enjoyed commercial success.

Similar to a slot machine game, the game is played on a monitor as the player spins the number 20 times. Five numbers display on the screen during those spins, which players can tick off if they are on the card. Also, gamers may come across numerous symbols such as the joker, super joker, or devils while playing the game, which might have a significant impact on the game.



Bingo originated in Italy in the sixteenth century as a simple game of probability. Bingo, originally known as Housey-Housey, rose in popularity following the Betting and Gambling Act of 1960.

Bingo has garnered considerable notoriety in the online gambling industry at the time. The only criterion is that a player marks the numbers that the “caller” calls out. The first person to mark each of the stated numbers wins.


So, there you have it. Online casinos have a wide range of games to offer, from traditional table games to modern favourites like slots and live dealer games. This post should have given you a better grasp of how the most popular casino games online have evolved from their traditional to virtual world. 

Generally, some of the games on our list are better suited to beginners than others, and vice versa. Continue to play your favourite games until you feel comfortable enough to try something new.

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